Whirlpool gas dryer wiring diagram 3389877

Wiring diagram electric and gas dryer tech ref 3389877 Timer 3389865

Whirlpool Tall Tub DW service pointer, Poor cleaning, KUD01 GU1200 GU1500

Poor cleaning KUD01 GU1200 GU1500 a guide to help resolve cleaning issues

Whirlpool Direct Ignition System (DSI) service tip

Code Date RL38 - RL46 Displays PF. Oven burner problems. Sporatic ignition. Oven gas lock out. Ground Kit 8184656. Burner Alignment.

Whirlpool Direct Ignition System (DSI) service tip

Service Tip: DSI system does not operate properly. New spark module 8522394

Whirlpool Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) range service manual 8177893

Complete Whirlpool DSI gas range service manual JOB AID
Part No. 8177893 29 pages

latest update news on the test site

Several things were fixed with the .903 beta upgrade. With out these fixes things have been on hold.

maytag service flash


Site Update

THe site Update from Beta .900 to 9.02 did not go to well. There was a a big bug in the .901 release on april 28th that damaged the database.


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